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I’m sorry goodbye

I had you in my life before

But now I have to let you go

I never wanted this to happen

But who is to blame anyway?

You’re  a friend who is special

Someone whom I thought that’s number one

But that was before

And I found out that I was wrong

I gave you my heart

I trusted you my love

You did your part

And so did I

I had my faults

And so did you

We just wasted our time

Do you think so?

Maybe we are really not meant to be

Our love is not enough

To keep our relationship be

Thank you for the laughs

And for the tears you shared with me

Sorry for the sorrow

That I didn’t meant to give

This time I know

It’s goodbye for sure

Your heart’s not free

And so is mine

I love someone so

I’m sorry goodbye.


Love you in my heart… A poem about a fan’s unrequited love



You live so far from me

The truth is you don’t even know me

But I keep on loving you

What else can I do?

But to love you in my heart

I wish that someday

I’ll be able to meet you

Or maybe have the pleasure

To personally know you

But for now I will only love you here in my heart

You are that big star

And I’m just a simple fan

No matter how crazy it may sound

But I will love you still

And I will love you forever 

Here in my heart