Blogs on food, poems, and life… by macquelinedc


I’m a new blogger that loves food, poems, and everything about life! 

I have been writing since I was young and dreams of becoming a published author someday.

The recipes I write are my own and some are from our family’s recipe vault. My passion for cooking has been with me for so long, been scribbling my recipes in my journals and notebooks for years. I don’t just write them I cook them a lot too so I will know if it’s good and if I need to try other ways and add other ingredients to improve my dish.

My love for poetry started in High school. I guess because that’s the time a girl feels a lot of different emotions and my way of expressing my emotions is by writing a poem. I talk a lot but writing a poem is much more different than talking and expressing your feelings. It’s liberating. There’s  freedom that I can’t explain. I feel good when I see my thoughts and feelings being strewn together in words that lives forever through a poem.


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